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Name Tags & Name Badges

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For your name badges, we can manufacture something to suit your needs. Not seeing what you need here, contact us to discuss your needs and options. Our regular name badges are either 3″x1″ or 3″x1.5″ and can have a magnetic back or pin back. Whether for your employee name tags, or event name badges we will create a quality production for you to use over and over again. We keep your template on file so that re-ordering is fast and easy. Your personalized name pins can come with three background colours; white, silver, and gold.

  • Pin Back or Magnet Back
  • 3″ x 1″ or 3″ x 1.5″ (custom sizes available)
  • White, Gold, Silver and more
  • Full colour
  • Your company logo
  • Personalized for each employee


Name Tags, Name badges, Photo ID, Plastic Business Cards, Luggage Tags, what is the difference you ask?

Name Tags: Generally worn with a pin or magnet, will not include a photo. Will have at minimum your first name. These are usually 3”x1” and 3”x1.5” and .060” thick.

Our name tags are printed on silver, gold or white .060” PVC in 3”x1” and 3”x1.5”. Each of those sizes include a pin or magnet. (Magnets not recommended if you have a pacemaker”) Each name tag is printed CMYK with a clear overlay to protect from colour fading and UV rays.

If you are finding these sizes and options unsuitable for your project, please contact us to discuss other options.

Sticker Name Tags: If you need something for an event, we can print labels with your logo and your client can write in their name. Perfect for open houses and special events. These are used for casual events, trade shows, open houses, workshops, reunions, and more. You know the “Hello my name is” ones? We can make those or something with your group/company name on them. See the Labels & Stickers page for more information.

Name Badges and Photo ID: These two are basically the same thing, just a different name. At a minimum these will have a photo and your first name. You can have a lot more information on these. They can have slots on them for hanging from a loop, clip or lanyard, or no holes for your wallet. The size and thickness on these are the same as your credit or debit card. Dolphin Printing does not issue provincial operator’s licenses or provincial personal photo identification. Departmental photo ID, health care cards and student ID cards are considered only if you are an authorized employee or agent of a branch of government, educational facility or hospital.

Luggage Tags: These will usually have a logo on one side and then your information on the other. They come with a slot and luggage loop to hang them from. These are the same size and thickness as your credit or debit cards. If travelling with a large group, you can put your group name on the front and then each person’s contact information on the backs of the tags. For corporate travelling put your logo on the front with your employee’s information on the back. Easy to identify which group they belong to.

Plastic Business Cards: These are the same size and thickness as your credit or debit cards and can be done in a variety of stock colours and finishes including wood, and clear. The design of your plastic business cards generally has your company information on the front side, and then the “variable” data, or your contact information on the back.

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